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Tinkering around WITH WONDER

I love movies and television — in particular science fiction, horror, and crime thrillers. I started reading books early (Robin Hood, Isaac Asimov, and Larry Niven were top of my docket). ‘Moby Dick’ has a place in my heart; it stabs at me. More recently, audiobooks and podcast episodes fill my ears.

My hobbies include photography, exploring, walking, writing, and several aspects of technology.

I am an engineer by trade. I’ve volunteered at a local film festival as a projectionist for 6 years.

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After a long hiatus, I picked up a camera and have been photographing a variety of locations and events from concerts, nature, conventions, protests, and my travels.

My photography gallery may be found at

I enjoy browsing museums and galleries for the art and inspiration.

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Everyone has something

I enjoy exploring new places, walking, Dungeons & Dragons, museums, and watching movies.

Get me started on a topic I enjoy and I’ll talk your ear off. I listen to same from others.

i help as I can.